The Surge In Cryptojacking An Emerging Threat To Traders And Institutions

Cryptojacking is increasingly becoming a severe threat to business, even as the interest in cryptocurrency investment continues to explode. The term ‘cryptojacking’ refers to the stealth and illegal mining of cryptocurrencies through the installation of malware to gain the mining power of a computer without the knowledge and consent of an organisation or individual. High […]

Winning Streak Ended For Dow Jones And S & P 500

Global market pressures look to have taken their toll on some US indices, according to figures released from earlier in September. This saw the Dow Jones and the wider US stock market close lower when trading finished in early September. It seems that both US and Chinese trade tariffs were to blame here along with […]

UK Tech Sector Achieves Record High Levels Of Foreign Investment For 2019

The UK tech sector has achieved a record high foreign investment level of £5.5bn so far this year. This amounts to a higher per capita investment level than so far evidenced for the same period within the US tech market, according to latest statistics published by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport. What […]

Burford Capital Claims Illegal Manipulation Of Shares

Last month, shares of the UK-based litigation funder Burford Capital lost almost half their value. A spokesperson for the company said that trading patterns showed evidence that was consistent with “illegal” market manipulation, and that it has raised complaints with the relevant authorities. The firm said some traders had cancelled their orders to deliberately depress […]

Disruptive Times: Two Areas For Cryptocurrency Investors To Watch

The recent dip in mainstream markets due to trade tensions could be just the beginning of more disruption ahead. Bitcoin reacted like a safe haven asset and climbed 9%, creeping over the $11,000 mark once again around mid-July. The fact is there continues to be improved sentiment towards the major cryptocurrencies and new developments, with […]

UK Economy Shrinks For The First Time Since 2012

Concerning new figures released this month have confirmed that the UK economy shrank for the first time since 2012 in the second quarter, prompting recurring fears that it could slide into a recession come September. The news, which was officially announced by the Office of National Statistics, showed that the economy shrank by 0.2%, largely […]

Dangers Of China Devaluing Its Currency

The Trump administration recently imposed new tariffs on Chinese goods. This move has led to the People’s Bank of China, allowing the yuan to slump below its significant reference level of 7 per dollar. The yuan has been growing steadily in the past few years. Therefore, this situation has shocked world markets. Here are the […]

The Weaker Pound Is Increasing UK Tourism

As the pound continues to drop on the stock market, one UK industry is currently seeing a sudden surge upwards: the tourism industry. Whilst the UK remains one of the most visited countries in the world – particularly its cultural centres like London and Edinburgh – a weaker pound is coaxing international visitors to UK […]

Slump And Turbulence In The Cryptocurrency Market

After consecutive months of profit and increased investors interest, the cryptocurrency market has had an uncharacteristic slump in the last week of July 2019. Key players in the market such as Bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum have all been affected by the turbulence. Challenging Month The end of July saw Bitcoin values dip below £8050 despite […]

Stock Markets Stumble After US-China Tariff Announcement

Both the European and American stock markets have fallen for the second day running in the wake of harsh tariffs announced by the United States this Friday. The decision, announced through a tweet from US President Trump, declared an imposition of tariffs worth $300bn on Chinese imports and would effectively tax all imports coming to […]

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